Vital Records

The Morgan County Health Department is the Local Registrar for Morgan County.

We are responsible for processing and filing all death and birth records (certificates) with the State of Illinois and the Morgan County Clerk.

A record (certificate) is filed within 7 days of a birth or death at which time a certified copy of death/birth may be obtained by a authorized individual. A certified copy of death/birth is the legal copy that is required for school and many legal services.

Death Certificate

Anyone may obtain a certified copy of death that has a personal or property interest in the deceased. To obtain a copy, the person must first complete the "Application for Search of a Death Record" form.

Birth Certificate

Unlike Death Certificates, NO ONE can obtain a certified copy of a birth record except the mother or father (and only if he is listed as father on the birth certificate). A child's legal guardian may obtain a certified copy of birth if they present the appropriate legal documents listing them as guardian.

For pricing information for Vital Records, please call 217.245.5111