what to expect at Your First Visit

What Should I Bring With Me?

First of all, bring yourself! No photo ID is required.

  • Under 18? Don't worry! You DO NOT have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive our services.

  • If you would like to bring a parent/guardian/trusted adult/support person along to your visit, you absolutely can!

How Am I Going To Pay For This?

Have health insurance? Great! Show us your insurance card when you check in. We will make a copy of it and send the bill to them.

  • Don't have health insurance? No Problem! All of our services are available on a sliding fee scale. You do not have to provide proof of income to receive services.

  • No Income? We've got your covered! Our program is funded in part by a grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health and donations from the community. We never want cost to be a reason you avoid coming to see us. When in doubt... SHOW UP ANYWAY!

Will I Get My Birth Control At This Appointment?

The answer is usually YES! Just know that the decision to start birth control is one made between you and the provider. While we can't promise you will receive your contraceptive of choice at that first visit, we will make sure you can leave with a plan in mind and protection in hand.

  • Want to improve the possibility of starting birth control right away? Then make sure you avoid having any UNPROTECTED sex between your last period and the day of your appointment.

  • While we do offer several forms of contraception, we do not offer all of them. There is the chance that you want what we don't have. Don't worry! If we are not able to provide the method you want, we can refer you to someone who can.

Do I Have to Have a Pelvic Exam?

Hold on to your britches, you ARE NOT REQUIRED to undergo a pelvic exam in order to receive birth control, however...

  • If you are sexually active, it is strongly recommended that you have a pelvic exam as a part of a routine reproductive health visit.

  • We believe that talking about and examining reproductive anatomy in a Family Planning setting is a normal part of your visit. It is not weird or gross and should never be a shameful experience.

  • Having a pelvic exam before you decide to engage in sexual activity is no different than having a medical provider listen to your heart and lungs before you start a new sport. Establishing a healthy baseline for your entire body makes it easier to detect problems in the future.

When Will I Get My Test Results?

Just remember, no news is good news! If your test results are "negative" or "normal" we will NOT contact you.

  • Pregnancy test results will always be given on the same day.

  • Gonorrhea/Chlamydia test results are available approximately 3 business days following the test date. Clients may request test results by phone as long as you have your CONFIDENTIALITY NUMBER available.

  • Pap Smear test results are available approximately 5 business days following the test date. Clients may also request these test results by phone as long as you have your CONFIDENTIALITY NUMBER available.

Why Do I Need a Confidentiality Number?

All of the services provided by our Family Planning Program are CONFIDENTIAL. Your reproductive health is your business, no one else's.

  • In order to protect the sensitive nature of the information we obtain as a part of your visit, it is our duty to PROTECT that information

  • Clients requesting information by telephone MUST provide their Confidentiality Number prior to receiving any information

  • If you can't remember or lose your Confidentiality Number, you must come to the Health Department IN-PERSON to receive a new copy.