Why Recycle?
    Recycling may require a few extra minutes and conscious commitment.  However, by recycling, the negative impacts on the environment can be minimized and promote a safer and more sustainable community.

    Recycling conserves energy and our natural resources, saves landfill space, as well as reduces water and air pollution.  As environmental awareness increases, recycling increases in relevance.
    The common montra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle combined with purchasing recycled products comprise a comprehensive waste and resource reduction strategy that benefits our natural world.  For every 1,000 tons of recycled material, 15 jobs are created as compared to less than one job created by land filling the material.
    The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 70% of the waste Americans produce could be recycled.
    The Morgan County Health Department has dedicated a section of our website for information and education to help you with your recycling efforts.
    Recycling is a very important part of our county's waste management. 

Morgan County Recycling

    The City of Jacksonville provides free, curbside recycling service for Jacksonville residents.  The City contracts with Buster Sanitation Services, Inc. for the management of the recycling program.  

    For county residents not residing in Jacksonville, recyclables can be dropped off at their business location 2263 State Highway 104. Please note:  This is for recycling only, no garbage.  There is not cost for dropping off.

Click here for information on the Jacksonville Curbside Recycling Program

    Curbside recycling is available in Chapin.  Pick-up two times monthly per month, for a fee.

    Dumpster for recyclables is located at the City Shed on Highway 104.

For more information, please call 217.245.5111 #30

Local Company Recycling Options
BLH Computers 1832 Stevenson Drive Springfield, IL 62703 217.585.1580

Recycles computers, projectors, VCR's, radio's, speakers, pagers, cameras, fax machines, DVD's, CD's and other electronics.

County Market Stores  

Recycles plastic grocery bags.  There is a recycling bin inside the store.

D & C Tire  200 Hardin Jacksonville, IL 62650 217.245.6717

Recycles passenger car and light truck tires. Drop off fee is $3 per tire.

Jacksonville Iron and Metals  739 E. Lafayette, Jacksonville, IL 62650 217.243.2819

Jacksonville Lions Club

Recycles hearing-aids, eye glasses, cell phones and ink cartridges. List of collection box locations.
Pathway Services  1905 W. Morton Jacksonville, IL 62650 217.479.2300

Recycles electronics and computers

Rexx Battery Specialist  847 S Main Street Jacksonville, IL 62650 217.245.2713

Recycles Rechargeable Batteries and Automobile Batteries. They do not recycle Alkaline Batteries at this time. Drop off only.

Walmart Stores 

Recycles plastic grocery bags.  Hand your bags to the store greeter.

York Tires  1845 S. Main Jacksonville, IL 62650 217.245.1538

An online-based recycling group, offering a place to keep still-useful items out of landfills by finding others in the area who can use them; regardless of the reason.

To find out more about recycling, check out the Environmental Protection Agency