"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." 
-Mother Teresa


Our Team


Dale Bainter - Administrator

Mary Gray, RN - Director of Nursing
Casie Darnell - Fiscal Manager/Administrative Assistant
Support Staff

Meredith Vogel-Thomas - Office Manager

Rhodora Pursley - Clerk/Stenographer
Brenda Wildhagen -Clerk/Stenographer
Bonnie Mueller - WIC Clerk
Rita Witte - WIC Secretary
Family Case Management

Karin Chumley, RN - FCM Program Manager 

Pat Simmons - TPP Program Manager   


WIC- Women, Infant and Children

Judy Nickel, RN - Program Manager

Integrated Public Health Nurses
Cindy Anders, RN
Jacqueline Barringer, RN
Karin Chumley, RN
Linda Evans, RN
Judi Lyons, RN
Judy Nickel, RN
Deena Splady, RN
Haley Suttles Beck
Tiffany Pranger
Vision and Hearing

Carol Hungerford - Program Manager

Family Planning
Meredith Vogel-Thomas - Program Manager
Communicable Disease

Jacqueline Barringer, RN - Coordinator

Environmental Health

Dale Bainter - Director of Environmental Health

Linda Day - Food Manager
Cameron Morford - Environmental Health Inspector


Jason Sipes- IT