local community Recycling


Item(s) Accepted: computers, projectors, VCR's, radio's, speakers, pagers, cameras, fax machines, DVD's, CD's and other electronics.


Online-based recycling group, offering a place to keep still-useful items out of landfills by finding others in the area who can use them; regardless of the reason. For more information visit https://www.freecycle.org/town/JacksonvilleIL

County Market

Item(s) Accepted: plastic grocery bags  

Recycling bin located inside the store.

Rexx battery

Item(s) Accepted: rechargeable lithium batteries and automobile batteries (alkaline batteries not accepted at this time)

Drop off only. No pick-up.

Jacksonville iron and metals

Walmart stores

Item(s) Accepted: plastic grocery bags  

Hand bags to store greeter

jacksonville lions club

Items Accepted: used hearing-aids, eye glasses, cell phones and ink cartridges

York Tires