Family Case Mangement

   Family Case Management Program

    Family Case Management (FCM) is a state funded program by the Department of Human Services.  The goals of the program are to reduce the rate of infant mortality and to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle for pregnant women, infants and children up to the age of one.  

    The FCM staff is here to help find health care, services and support that is needed for you and your family.  

Services Offered

  • Assistance in obtaining a temporary medical card through the medical presumptive eligibility (MPE) program for pregnant women.

  • Assistance in finding a physician.

  • Referral to other social service agencies, as needed.

  • Physical and developmental assessment screening.

  • Assistance with Kid Care provider enrollment.

  • High risk infant follow-up.

  • Health Education

Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Reporting System (APORS)
    APORS is a component of Family Case Management.  This program follows babies born prematurely, medically or developmentally challenged for up to two years.  The goal of APORS is to ensure the services that are needed for these infants are provided.  

    There is no income guideline for this program. 
It is offered to all Morgan County residents.
For more information about our Family Case Management Program, please call 217.245.5111